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Hyde Park Garden Fair
Useful Garden Links

vPlants - Virtual Plants On-Line: Botanists from The Field Museum, Chicago Botanic Garden, and Morton Arboretum have developed an online herbarium that provides detailed data and digital images, containing approximately 110,000 specimens of Chicago-area flora.

Garfied Park Conservatory: One of the largest and most stunning conservatories in the nation. Often referred to as "landscape art under glass," the Garfield Park Conservatory occupies approximately 4.5 acres inside and out, and includes cold frames and propagating where thousands of plants are grown each year for displays in City parks and spaces.

Gardenweb.com: a 2,100 word glossary of botanical terms and a garden events calendar.SierraHome: Gardening software.

National Council of State Garden Clubs: With extensive garden links.

American Horticultural Society Gardening Community Listserv (subscription form)

Alpine-L (Electronic Rock Garden Society, subscription form)

Azaleas List Listserv (this is an email list; click to send a blank e-mail that will subscribe you)

Cacti-etc., hardycacti_etc, XEchinopsis (three listservs, all subscribed via web form)

Carnivorous Plant Mailing Lists (subscription instructions)

Fernet (send e-mail with message: subscribe fernet)

Garden-L (subscription form)

Orchid Guide Digest (description and subscription link)

Hort.net: Specialty gardening lists, archives, and subscription instructions

Organic Gardening Online Newsletter of Biological Control

Nichols Park: (in Hyde Park) including photographs of the December "meadow burn."

Home Landscaping Tips for Building the Perfect Garden (homeadvisor.com), submitted by Charlotte Library, Charlotte, TN.

Please send us useful links you are aware of (or let us know if any of these links are "dead")


Spring Sale Held at
Hyde Park Shopping Center
55th Street and South Lake Park
Chicago, IL 60615


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